This weekend sees many of the riders I help racing twice while some are on their end of season “rest and refresh”!

Some in the Banjo Cycles Development Team fall into the former group. All have been lured into racing the Central League race at Milton Keynes on Saturday rather than just the Wessex League race in Basingstoke on Sunday. Why is this? Well, it’s because the MK event is at the same venue that hosted a World Cup Cyclo-Cross event a while ago and everyone wants to experience what it was like there again plus it has been promoted well by the organisers.

The impact on training the likely stresses and strains this weekend has had is interesting. As you can imagine, all those taking part want to do well and therefore training load has been managed but so have expectations. At the end of the day both events are really being treated as training – the main focus of the fairly short CX season being later on – Regional Champs, National Trophy or even the National Champs. It will also have an impact on next week, the need to allow some recovery after two hard days before training can commence again.

We might also get some proper “Cross” weather – rain and wind is forecast, which will no doubt lead to mud. The power washers could be under as much stress as the riders!

Expectations set, or at least managed we hope to have fun too and all benefit from the experience……